“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”

Vince Lombardi

When it comes to being part of a team, Hilary blends her skills with expert precision. Be it builder, buyer, architect, homeowner or a team of interior designers, there is nothing that prevents this consummate professional from using her talent for the perfect partnership.

Make Hilary Baker Ward part of your team of highly skilled professionals, and you will find a guiding principle of passion and approachability at the forefront of your project


  1. Act as a liaison between the builder and owner

  2. Create a seamless transition for all homeowner specifications

  3. Coach your clients through the construction phase and beyond

  4. Consult on architectural detailing for large scale renovations

  5. Specialize in new build construction specifications

  6. Join forces with subcontractors and vendors to perfect a project

  7. Create specifications for builder specs and model homes

  8. Manage on-site details of any new build or renovation

Hilary Baker Ward


Hilary Baker Ward Interiors   •  407.463.1132  •  hbwinteriors1@gmail.com

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